Generate Artifacts

You can use CIM EA to generate CIM RDF, CIM XSD, and EA XSD artifacts from a CIM Profile. For more information about the artifact types, view their respective help topics.


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Open the Generate Artifacts Window

In the EA Project Browser, right-click on the CIM Profile package. Select the Add-In | CIM EA | Generate Artifacts... menu option.

The Generate Artifacts window appears.



Note: You can also open the Generate Artifacts window from the Profile Editor by clicking the Generate Artifacts... button in the Profile Editor toolbar.

Select Artifact Types

To select or deselect an artifact type to generate, click the checkbox next to the artifact type. If Global is checked, CIM EA will create all three artifact types.

Enter Global and Artifact-Specific Options

In the Generate Artifacts window, you can enter global options that apply to all artifact types selected. You can also modify artifact-specific options by clicking on an artifact type from the list in the left pane and entering information in the artifact options area.

Global Options

Under Global Options, enter the Folder, Namespace, and Prefix for the artifact(s) you are generating.



The output folder for the generated artifact.


The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) used to distinguish the content of the generated artifact(s).


An abbreviated form of the namespace URI that binds elements to the namespace.


These options will be applied to each artifact type that you generate.

CIM RDF Options

In the CIM RDF Options area, enter a filename for the CIM RDF artifact to be generated in the Filename field.

CIM XSD Options

In the CIM XSD Options area, enter a Filename, an Envelope Name, and a Model Location specific to the CIM XSD artifact.


Envelope Name

Name of the top level element and type in the resulting XSD. The envelope name should be chosen in such a way that the combination of it and the default namespace are unique.

Model Location

A global URI from which a tool or user can retrieve the profile. This location is used as the root of sawsdl modelReference attributes.


You can also implement Working Group 19's suggestions to the Draft IEC 62361-100 document by selecting the Use WG19 Recommendations checkbox. If you select the checkbox, the following changes will be made to the generated CIM XSD artifact:

EA XSD Options

In the EA XSD Options area, enter a filename for the EA XSD artifact to be generated in the Filename field. The Create global elements for all complex types checkbox is selected by default to generate a global element for each global XSDcomplexType-stereotyped Class (Garden of Eden style). If you deselect the Create global elements for all complex types checkbox, the generated XSD artifact will not contain the global element.

Generate Artifacts

To generate the selected artifact types with the options you entered, click Generate. A progress bar in the bottom left of the Generate Artifacts window displays the status of the artifact creation. When the artifacts are ready to view, the word "Finished!" appears next to the Progress Bar along with a View button. You can open all of the artifacts generated by clicking the View button, or you can open a specific artifact using the View button's drop-down menu.



When you are finished, click Close to exit the Generate Artifacts window.