Create a CIM Profile

Before you can create a CIM Profile, you must first open the IEC CIM model file in Enterprise Architect from your local drive. You can find a copy of the IEC CIM on the CIM Users Group website.


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Create a CIM Profile

In the EA Project Browser, right-click on the source CIM package and click Add-In. The CIM EA menu appears. Click Create a CIM Profile... to open the Profile Editor.


CIM EA Profile Editor is where you will configure and save the new CIM Profile.

Add a CIM Profile to a CIM Profile Group

CIM Profile Groups are a valuable organization option for managing multiple CIM Profiles, as they simplify and expedite navigation among CIM Profiles and their contents. If you would like to add your Profile to a Profile Group, you can do so in the Profile Editor. In the Profile Group field, type in the name of a new CIM Profile Group or select an existing Profile Group from the drop-down menu.


When you save a CIM Profile under a CIM Profile Group, the Profile will appear under that Profile Group in the EA Project Browser. If you do not select a Profile Group for a CIM Profile, the Profile will be displayed under "(No Profile Group)" in EA's Project Browser. For more information about Profile Groups, visit the CIM Profile Groups help topic.

Name the CIM Profile

Enter the name of your CIM Profile in the Profile name field at the top right of the Profile Editor. The text you enter in this field will be displayed as the CIM Profile name in the EA Project Browser.


In the Profile Editor, you can also select classes, attributes, and associations to include in the CIM Profile; adjust multiplicity, root element, and abstract settings; and generate artifacts. To learn more about the options in Profile Editor, read about the toolbar buttons.

Save and Close

When you are finished with the Profile Editor, click Save to save the new CIM Profile and click Close to exit the window. Your new CIM Profile will appear in the CIM Profiles section of the EA Project Browser.


If at any time you wish to exit the Profile Editor without saving, click Close. If you have entered any information in the Profile Editor, a popup window will provide the option to save your changes or cancel before the window closes. If you close the window without saving, your new CIM Profile will not be created and will not appear in the EA Project Browser.