CIM EA User Guide


Welcome to CIM EA, a UML-based modeling tool for CIM Profile standardization and management. CIM EA transforms Enterprise Architect into a single environment in which users can manage both the IEC CIM and CIM Profiles. Using CIM EA, you can create and edit CIM Profiles as traditional UML models, as well as generate CIM-specific artifacts, all within Enterprise Architect.


This user guide provides guidance and reference material to help you use CIM EA to:

See CIM EA for Working Groups for more information on the benefits and capabilities that the add-in holds for WGs.

Development Technology and Team

CIM EA was written using .NET (C#) in Microsoft Visual Studio.  It leverages the add-in architecture and .NET-based API available within Enterprise Architect to automate UML modeling and generate artifacts from the model.


Development was sponsored by Xtensible Solutions in an effort to provide the CIM user community with an easy-to-use EA add-in and ultimately make adoption of the CIM easier and more consistent across the utility industry.

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