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About CIM EA

CIM EA is an extension to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA) that supports standard uses of the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) in UML.

CIM EA provides the CIM user community with a tool that works within EA and is integrated with the CIM UML model directly to extend it and generate implementation artifacts such as RDF and XSD.  It is free to download and use.

The basic development philosophy behind CIM EA is simple.
  • Standard UML
    • Use standard UML to the fullest extent practicable to support CIM-based use cases.
  • Standardized use cases
    • As CIM working groups formalize common use cases and concepts, CIM EA will evolve to support the working groups' published standardized uses of the CIM.
  • Simple and Efficient
    • Minimize dependency on additional tools outside of EA with one fully equipped, easy-to-use tool


What you can currently do with CIM EA: 
  • Model CIM Profiles in EA without using external tools.
  • Generate implementation artifacts (RDF and XSD) from CIM Profiles modeled in EA.
  • Manage CIM Profile Groups directly in EA


Get v1.3.30 

of the tool.
Download the latest version of CIM EA